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Posted on: 03/20/2024
Job Description:

Looking Only Candidates on USC, GC, GC-EAD, H4-EAD.


Job Description:

Resource Request 1

Need a seasoned Tivoli Resource

  • BMC Auto Operator to IBM Tivoli Automation - seasoned IBM Tivoli resource
  • Migrate from BMC Auto operator software to IBM Tivoli Automation software.
  • BMC AMI Ops Automation for CICS
  • BMC AMI OPS Automation IMS
  • BMC AMI OPS Automation for MQ
  • BMC AMI OPS Automation for z/OS.


Detailed Skills Requirements to convert from BMC Main view Auto Operator on the mainframe z/OS to IBM Tivoli system automation.

  1. Automation to IPL the system (bring it up and down)_
  2. Create automated tickets from the mainframe to the customer Service Now.
  3. Some simple message automation to alerts, all the systems are run by exception alerts meaning the operator only sees problems they must address not every system message.
  4. Automated QA all day checking systems e.g., DB2, IMS, MQ, Network, Hardware not simple “ heart beating “ but dig into issues.
  5. Starts and stops of applications.
  6. IMS
  7. DB2
  8. MQSeries automation
  9. Network automation.
  10. CICS
  11. All via IWS/OPCE “talks” with automation as the automation is triggered by the scheduler to start and stop apps based on batch trails, e.g., bring down an app and tell OPC/e IWS run the trail.
  12. Automation creates alerts and EMAILS based on an issue in the system.
  13. Tracks condition the system at any time so if an IPL/Reboot is done during the middle of the day system comes back where it was.

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