Job for Data Scientist

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New York, NY
Estimated Best In Industry
12 Months
Posted on: 04/02/2024
Job Description:

    • Analysis, design, development, test, troubleshooting, and documentation of
    • complex data systems that may involve one or more of the following: predictive score models, feature extraction, data−driven analysis, application of machine learning algorithms, decision making, and related utilities.
    • Completing written documentation and reports of results in the form of business reports, internal technology white papers, and statistical system documentation.
    • Independent resolution of problems or coordinating score model design architecture, as well as designing solution approaches to complex applied problems.
    • Devising new approaches to solve difficult statistical modeling problems. This includes new model concepts and designs, such as different targets and objective functions, and new or different uses of data sources.
    • Critical reviews of data experiments to ensure accuracy, completeness, and feasibility.
    • Identifying and deploying new algorithms or combinations of algorithms in creative ways to achieve performance improvement.
    • Understand the customer’s business need and guide them to a solution using our AWS AI Services, AWS AI Platforms, AWS AI Frameworks, and AWS AI EC2 Instances.


    • PhD in a relevant technical discipline; or Master’s degree in a relevant technical discipline (Math, Engineering, Computer Science, Statistics or similar field) with at least 3 years of job experience or bachelor’s degree in a relevant technical discipline with 5−7 years of job experience.
    • 2 years of experience with mainstream programming languages such as Java, Python, and Scala.
    • Strong mathematical and statistics skills.
    • Strong interpersonal and communication skills (both written and oral) including the ability to communicate complex technical or statistical concepts to a non−technical audience.
    • Experience with AWS technologies like Redshift, S3, EC2, Data Pipeline, & EMR
    • Prior experience using machine learning to build predictive models that solve real− world problems.
    • Experience using cloud or distributed computing frameworks such as Hadoop, AWS/EMR, BigQuery, etc.
    • Demonstrated ability to apply modern data exploration and visualization techniques to deliver actionable insights.
    • Experience in collaborative projects using software development best practices such as version control and testing.
    • Experience with statistical and scientific computing.
    • Experience with Unix/Linux system architecture and command line tools.
    • Experience with scripting languages

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