Job Title - SQL Server DBA
2 Open Positions
New York, NY
Estimated Best in Market
6 months
Job Description:

DBA Ops. DiD systems will be different from the standard we use today different configurations, different tools, etc. Most important, a lot of automations will not be available, and procedures would have to be done manually. Thus, the need for the additional operations staff24x7 firm-wide support for distributed databases. S/he should be eager to build on her/his existing knowledge via formal and on-the-job training.


This person will work in a position that will allow her/him to fully experience all aspects of database administration, including performance and tuning, regular maintenance, and the creation of specialized jobs, depending on what needs may arise. This person will be part of a group rota providing weekend on call support.


1. Strong SQL language knowledge. Strong database administration knowledge in either Sybase, UDB DB2.

2. Must be able to work with command line tools as well as GUI tools.

3. Excellent problem-solving skills -excellent verbal and written communication skills -ability to multi-task -Familiarity with Unix or Linux -sense of urgency.
4. Exposure to Perl, Intermediate to advanced Perl/Shell coding development.

5. Advanced Sybase or DB2 Optimizer Troubleshooting.

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