Job for Firewall Administrator - Security Engineer – I

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Jersey City
Posted on: 11/22/2023
Job Description:

  • Manage projects related to implementing Cyber Security tools and products (not necessarily firewall).
  • Work with teams outside of Cyber Security to complete projects.
  • Meet deadlines.
  • Review client requirements for security systems.
  • Collaborate with engineers and developers towards a secure technical approach.
  • Installation software and hardware components of firewalls and other portions of security infrastructure.
  • Configure firewalls for usage, manage their day-to-day operations, and perform regular maintenance through upgrades and patches.
  • Track and manage licenses status for renewal, upgrade, etc.
  • Review and implement firewall rule changes per client’s specifications as necessary.
  • Fully test, monitor and document system changes.
  • Support and maintain proxy, VPN and other network traffic management.
  • Work closely with Network Operations.
  • Monitor security devices and applications for performance problems.
  • Provide troubleshooting support for clients.
  • Analyze the root causes and resolve them promptly.
  • Write and maintain documentation on process procedures, device statuses, firewall block lists, and other important technical areas.
  • Create diagrams of network topologies and record details of troubleshooting processes.
  • Follow policies and standards to support network security and regulatory requirements.
  • Support and provide evidence and services to audit teams in a timely manner.
  • Recommend changes to policies and standards as technology develops.
  • Enforce quality control and ensure output meets project requirements.


  • Minimum of 4 years’ experience in a Security Engineer role with the following technologies: Checkpoint, Cisco Firewalls & Splunk
  • Must be willing and able to support initiatives occasionally during off hours.


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