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Albany, NY Onsite
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5 Months
Posted on: 02/02/2023
Job Description:

The Expert Cloud Engineer will support migration and development of all aspects of the system to cloud based technologies. The Expert Cloud Engineer will design and support the cloud architecture and technologies to host and support the School Survey components in the chosen cloud platform. The Cloud Engineer will develop infrastructure scalability designs to aid in the ever-increasing volume of survey data. The Cloud Engineer will ensure that systems have a higher availability and capacity for access to meet project needs, as well as maintain the cloud footprint. Duties will involve one or more chosen cloud platforms and the Cloud Engineer must maintain a full comprehension of the cloud storage and database. The Cloud Engineer will support and maintain the bridge between hybrid cloud infrastructures until project is fully migrated to the cloud. The Cloud Engineer will be responsible for a full understanding of cloud security and networking concepts for application in daily duties. 


  1. 84 months of experience with managing servers and infrastructure in a production cloud environment (such as GCP or AWS) 

  1. 84 months experience in managing cloud data – (i.e. Cloud Storage, Cloud SQL, cloud data fusion, Big Query) 

  1. 84 months experience in hybrid cloud infrastructure such as security, data migration, autoscaling 

  1. 84 months of experience with infrastructure as code using Cloud Formation and Terraform. 

  1. 60 months of experience in cloud security such as keys, encryption at rest and In-transit, VPC service controls, and Security Command Center. 

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