Job for Java Programmer
11 months
Posted on: 07/26/22
Job Description:

The Expert Programmer will implement the programming and system designs architected by the Expert-Software Architect to allow UPHN Services to be implemented in the cloud, enhancing reliability and availability of data exchange services. The Expert Programmer will perform application development tasks including researching and documenting technical designs, programming solutions, writing and executing unit test plans, researching, resolving, and testing defects, customer technical support, and close collaboration with other team members. The Expert Programmer will review business requirements documentation with technical manager to ensure clarity in implementation of technical design; implement systems and program design to meet highly complex business needs and technical design document; create appropriate documentation in work assignments such as program code and technical documentation; assist the technical manager in development time estimates and assigned tasks; codes, tests, debugs, implements, and documents highly complex programs, and developing complex test plans to verify logic programs; troubleshoots complex end user technical issues, identifying problems and leading solutions; implement release management process including technical steps to promote, test and release through the development environment, coordinating with infrastructure staff.


  1. 84 months of experience in the design, implementation and deployment of web applications (such as Angular front end and REST backend)
  2. 84 months experience with frameworks like Spring (such as Spring Boot and Spring MVC)
  3. 84 months experience in design, implementation and deployment of system -to- system applications (REST APIs, REST Clients, Security)
  4. 60 months of experience with Relational and NoSQL databases (such as Oracle, Postgres, MongoDB, DynamoDB)
  5. 60 months of experience designing and building cloud native and hybrid applications (AWS)
  6. Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology or Public Health
  7. 48 months of experience in programming public sector government IT projects

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