Job for Software Architect
Albany, NY
30 months
Posted on: 07/26/22
Job Description:

Candidate will provide application development support and system architecture guidance.


  • Participate in Joint Application Design (JAD) sessions with the new Vendor
  • Review Vendor deliverables for accuracy (data files, webservice API, reports, etc)
  • Develop new batch processing and web service processing to incorporate new capabilities this Vendor system has that the current system does not.
  • Modify existing interfaces with the Vendor to meet their (and the State’s) needs.
  • Perform testing activities with the Vendor – both on a small scale for individual functions, and then comprehensively as part of the overall system conversion.
  • Preparation for Go-Live, and verification that Go-Live implementation has been successful.
  • Post Conversion Production support and continue with any remaining development activities.


  • 84 months experience working with COBOL 74 and/or 85 programming on Unisys 2200 series or Clear Path mainframes. Experience should include monitoring production work including system analysis and design, program, unit and integrated testing.
  • 84 months experience utilizing Unisys ECL, TIP and DMS 2200/RDMS.
  • 84 months experience monitoring production work and performing error diagnostic/debugging activities in a mainframe environment.
  • 84 months experience creating and maintaining documentation related to designing, programming, and testing in a mainframe environment.
  • 84 months experience performing system to system integration with a third-party vendor utilizing Service Oriented Architecture.

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