Job for Senior Automation Tester
Albany, NY
30 months
Posted on: 07/26/22
Job Description:

Works in the field of Information Technology, experienced in the usage and support of a collection of development platforms, technical architectures or business applications and products that run on those platforms - beyond that of a Programmer.


  • Perform To-Be Business Process Analysis of the AWARE system
  • Perform file and data validation testing
  • Perform manual testing of the AWARE system including the core features, customizations, adaptations, and interfaces
  • Create automated test scripts for the smoke and regression test suites utilizing Selenium WebDriver and Java programming language for the mission-critical and frequently used functionalities in the AWARE system
  • Create detailed, comprehensive, and well-structured test plans, test scenarios, and test cases for manual as well as automated testing to address business use cases
  • Estimate, prioritize, plan, and coordinate testing activities
  • Validate the data mapping of the fields between the legacy and the AWARE systems
  • Document, report, track, assign, and escalate defects appropriately; perform thorough regression testing when defects are resolved
  • Generate and analyze Test Automation Reports utilizing frameworks such as TestNG and Extent
  • Support User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and Pilot Testing



  • 84 Months of Experience in Selenium WebDriver API
  • 84 Months of Experience developing Test Plans, Test Scenarios, and Test Cases
  • 84 Months of Experience in Manual Testing, and writing Test scripts
  • 84 Months of Experience in Java Application Development
  • 84 Months of Experience using SQL and PL/SQL
  • 48 Months of Experience in Technical Documentation doing Application Development and/or Support
  • 60 Months of Experience in Version Control
  • 72 Months of Experience in using JavaScript
  • 72 Months of Experience in Performance Testing
  • Bachelor’s degree

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