Job for Database Architect
Estimated $75/hr
24 months
Posted on: 07/19/22
Job Description:

This project is to develop and implement an integrated Healthcare Associated Infections monitoring and management system to ensure the DOH’s flexibility, effectiveness and timeliness for ongoing surveillance and responding to and managing outbreaks.



  • The Expert Database Architect will support the database structure and development of the Healthcare Associated Infections monitoring and management Further, the Expert Database Architect will coordinate and architect all database enhancement requests and coordinate storage needs.
  • The Expert Database Architect will determine database structural requirements by analyzing client operations, applications, and programming.
  • The Expert Database Architect will provide database support by coding utilities, responding to user questions and coordinating activities on multiple aspects of the project, assuring quality control and providing technical guidance to project teams, as well as interfacing with business owners and project management staff.
  • Guide design of new databases and their structures including architecture to streamline data collection and reporting.
  • Review current databases including procedures, queries, and database packages/jobs to see where improvements can be made and give guidance on how to enhance and streamline.
  • Architect, analyze, evaluate performance of the queries being used to access the current databases.
  • Work with staff to move eligible databases to Cloud
  • Database development work as needed to support applications.
  • Produce database related technical documentation as requested.
  • Any other tasks necessary for completion of project deliverables and database support.
  • Provide technical solutions for large scalable designs with a focus on moving what we can to the cloud.
  • Communicate effectively with both technical and nontechnical personnel.
  • Communicate with programmatic units to translate business requirements into technical specifications.



  • 84 months experience designing/architecting databases and schemas.
  • 84 months experience performing database development. Experience should include development using PL/SQL, packages, stored procedures, triggers, and overall creation of relevant objects and privileges.
  • 84 months experience in developing and tuning complex SQL queries for high throughput systems.
  • 60 months experience managing cloud databases including setup, configuration, and scaling.
  • 48 months experience setting up dataflows and querying cloud data warehouses.
  • 84 months support of databases for large scale enterprise systems running 24/7 with large amounts of data.

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