Job for Tester
Rensselaer, NY
Estimated $48/hr
30 months
Posted on: 07/18/22
Job Description:

Conducts automated and manual tests to ensure that the software created/upgraded performs as necessary and meets the user requirements.  Develops and maintains user and technical documentation and project process documentation for application teams.  Understands the view of applications and/or technology and is able to put procedures in a logical sequence.

  • Conduct analysis on requirements to produce system testing documentation
  • Perform technical activities related to writing test plans, test scripts and use cases that will exercise WCF and WPF components
  • Assist in the use of semi-automated testing tools to ensure the logic supporting the development efforts meet specified performance outcomes/metrics
  • Support/participate in product test activities
  • Supporting the application through testing and implementation
  • Facilitate the knowledge transfer between the Technical IT staff and the Program staff responsible for testing, training, and implementation



  1. Bachelor’s degree in an Information Technology related field.
  2. 24 months experience with testing on a case management system preferably on a human services platform.
  3. 60 months experience writing and executing test plans and manual test cases where the testing objectives are centered on logical impacts for the integration of incremental enhancements.
  4. 84 months of experience independently writing   and maintaining technical and functional testing documentation including but not limited to test plans testcases and traceability matrice.
  5. 84 months experience accessing Oracle databases using SQL Developer, TOAD or a similar product
  6. 84 months experience managing and implementing continuous testing operations utilizing micro focus ALM for test plan, manual and automated test cases creation. Including executing tests runs via ALM test lab as well as recording and tracking of defects in accordance with identified requirements
  7. 24 months experience converting manual test cases to automated test scripts for repeatable regression testing. 

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