Job for Finance System Enhancements and Support Specialist
Long Island,NY
Estimated $85/hr
24 months
Posted on: 07/15/22
Job Description:

The objectives of this engagement are:

  • Support the new OTPS Encumbrance System 2.0 capital project scope, request for proposal, and assessment of vendor proposed solution architectures.
  • Participate in 2022 – 2023 review and extension of the roadmap for financial systems.
  • Ensure Client’s integration with citywide solution Passport is complete both technically and from a business process perspective.
  • Help architect the next Financial Dashboard portal.
  • Review overall solution architecture of revenue generating solutions for robustness, reliability, and compliance against security / technical guidelines


The Contractor will:

    • Work closely with the IT Solution Director for the Division of Finance in the assessment and extension of the financial systems roadmap
    • Work closely with the project management team and business analyst to understand the business processes, security and financial regulations, technical and functional requirements for projects involving financial or revenue generating systems
    • Assist in developing a roadmap towards Passport data incorporation into Contract and Payers systems.
    • Create technical design documents, solution architecture diagrams, and topologies
    • Develop Microsoft SQL 2016/2019 database and .NET middle-tier objects
    • Develop user interface utilizing the latest .NET technologies
    • Develop Microsoft SSRS reports as per requirements
    • Perform unit testing of all code
    • Work closely with Quality Assurance team to ensure system is working properly
    • Assist with the deployment of the application
    • Work closely with DOHMH IT Security to define, execute, and maintain a system for security compliance


1. A minimum of five (5) years of experience in all of the following:

o New York City Financial systems

o architecting solutions with a track record of stability and robustness

o cloud solution architecture

2. A minimum of three (3) years of experience in all of the following:

o citywide financial systems including but not limited to PASSPort.

o business resiliency / disaster recovery environment specification and testing

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