Job for Senior Software Developer
Albany, NY
30 months
Posted on: 06/27/22
Job Description:

The duties of the consulting resources would be to plan, streamline, create, modify, test and implement code in support of any of the following:

  • Assist with continuous development of WCB Statutory Project – Implementation of eClaims EDI R3.1 and Change Log items
  • Assist with system re-engineering efforts related to the new CompPay system in terms of streamlining eClaims reporting to ensure timely FROI, timely SROI, timely first payment, timely controversy, and timely installments
  • Develop Oracle stored procedures, packages, views, and triggers necessary to maintain Workers’ Compensation System such as eClaims Reporting, Claims Center, and SIFHearings
  • Assist with the timely resolution of production issues for Workers’ Compensation System
  • Assist with system re-engineering and maintenance efforts related to Claims Center written in Javascript, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3, and MVC
  • Assist with system re-engineering and Maintenance efforts related to eClaims Reporting
  • Develop Oracle stored procedures, packages, views, and triggers for implementing WCB IAIABC monthly/quarterly statutory changes
  • Develop Oracle stored procedures, packages, views, and triggers for storing and processing WCB Payor Compliance Penalty into NYSIF MedPay and Claims Batch Systems
  • .Net Web application to provide NYSIF business users with summary of all FROI and SROI transactions
  • Develop Oracle stored procedures, packages for New Case System changes due to IAIABC requirements
  • Loss service and SSN service (Web Service) changes required by monthly/quarterly WCB statutory change logs
  • Efforts related to integrate claims data to data warehouse/business intelligence system
  • The consultant will adhere to NYSIF’s application development standards, including, but not limited to, project management methodology, SDLC (software development life cycle), Enterprise Architecture standards and the IT governance process



  1. 84 months experience in Oracle development, PL/SQL development including Triggers, Packages, Procedures, functions, views, Advanced Queuing, SQL Tuning, and generating a data file from Oracle
  2. 84 months experience with Microsoft C#.Net and Object-Oriented Programming
  3. 84 months experience developing web-based systems using Microsoft ASP.NET
  4. 60 months experience with JavaScript, JQuery, CSS, and HTML
  5. 84 months experience in using Microsoft Team Foundation Server in a Microsoft Windows environment, including experience in branching, Merging, and check-in/check-out
  6. 48 months experience with Azure DevOps
  7. 60 months experience with Workers Compensation Claims Processing
  8. 60 months experience with Planview PPM Pro

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