Job for PL/SQL ETL/Data Stage Developer
24 months
Posted on: 08/03/2022
Job Description:

Immediate Back Fill


Mandatory Skills


  1. 84 Months Experience developing Unemployment Insurance fraud detection methodologies and transforming data elements into meaningful fraud detection queries and customer output
  2. 84 Months Experience developing Unemployment Insurance data analysis and metrics queries for operational oversight.
  3. 84 Months Experience developing and testing query solutions using Oracle PL/SQL query.
  4. Experience using IBM Data Stage.
  5. 84 Months Experience with UNIX Shell Scripting
  6. Experience developing dimensional data models for Cognos data analytics
  7. 84 Months Experience with ETL design/Data Warehouse development using PL/SQL programming
  8. 84 Months Experience in tuning SQL within an Oracle environment to ensure timely and efficient execution of queries
  9. Experience working with PPI and SSA data security requirements

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