Job for Systems Administrator
18 Months
Posted on: 21-02-2022
Job Description:

The Systems Administrator will implement and maintain the virtual analytics platform environment to allow for streamlined, efficient and supported data analytics and management. This platform will move data analytics off desktop machines to a server based virtual environment to enhance performance of large processing and analytics jobs, as well as provide regular backup and automation of programs. The Expert Systems Administrator will provide guidance and support in implementing a secure, supported platform, as well as explore and implement best practices for maintenance and performance.


  • Provide production support for Java apps in a Linux environment running on Oracle WebLogic servers.
  • Develop/Support shell scripts which may be used for variety of purposes like file transfers, system monitoring.
  • Install, configure, and manage off the shelf commercial products.
  • Assist with monitoring of the virtual and physical infrastructure.
  • Collaborate with technical workgroups to identify and document server infrastructure needs and prioritize subsequent implementation Other duties as identified


  • 84 months of working with Oracle WebLogic, Oracle Service bus including installation, deployments, configuring data sources, and patching in a production environment.
  • 84 months or more of configuring, managing Linux systems in a production environment
  • 60 months or more of managing, configuring infrastructure and application monitoring
  • 36 months or more of working with Chef, Puppet and Docker
  • 60 months or more of configuring and managing continuous integration systems
  • 60 months or more of working with virtualization technologies and cloud services

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