Job for SQL Database Administrator-11316
Albany , NY
12 months
Job Description:

  • Build and maintain a data architecture based on the requirements. 
  • Design and develop Logical and Physical Data Model using ER Studio Data Architect. 
  • Create DDL scripts to establish and maintain necessary databases.
  • Write complex SQL queries against SQL Server and DB2 databases. Create DML scripts to manipulate data.
  • Work with project managers, solution architects, business analysts, application development teams and QA to ensure the quality of DDL and DML scripts.
  • Performance tuning SQL to improve efficiency.
  • Working with end client representatives to develop gap analysis specifications and understand end client business rules.
  • Provide guidance and hands-on development for developing and maintaining queries in QMF for Workstation.
  • Create clear and accurate documentation on data models, and description of data usage in the application process flow.


  • 84 months of Experience designing and developing logical and physical data models, and creating DDL scripts for tables, views, indexes, triggers, stored procedures.
  • 84 months of Experience designing and developing Data Conversion Strategy Plan, Data Mapping Documents, Gap Analysis.
  • 84 months of Experience writing complex DML SQL against enterprise SQL Server and DB2 databases.
  • 84 months of Experience working with the tools like SQL Server Management Studio, SSMS Job Scheduler, SSIS, SSRS, Export/Import, ER Studio Data Architect, QMF for Workstation, Redgate SQL Compare, TSO.
  • 72 months of experience using programming languages such as SQL, PL/SQL.
  • 60 Months of experience performance tuning complex SQL against enterprise SQL Server and DB2 databases.

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