Job for EHR Data Migration Consultant

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Posted on: 11/14/2023
Job Description:


  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to understand the source data in E-clinical works, map it to the target structure in Athena, and perform data analysis to identify potential issues or anomalies. 
  • Extract patient records, clinical data, and associated information from the E-clinical works system while maintaining data security and compliance with relevant regulations. 
  • 7+ years of experience in develop and implement data transformation scripts or processes to ensure data compatibility between E-clinical works and Athena, including data cleansing and normalization. 
  • Conduct rigorous testing and validation of the converted data to ensure accuracy, completeness, and consistency in the Athena EHR system
  • Perform quality checks to identify and rectify data discrepancies, errors, or missing information during the conversion process. 
  • Maintain detailed documentation of data conversion processes, transformations, and any encountered issues, and keep stakeholders informed of progress. 
  • Collaborate closely with E-clinical works to Athena teams, IT professionals, clinicians, and end-users to ensure a smooth transition and resolve any data-related issues. 
  • Troubleshoot data-related problems and provide support during post-conversion phases to address any data-related concerns. 

Ensure compliance with healthcare data privacy regulations and maintain strict data security protocols throughout the conversion process

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